PrePaid Driver

PrePaid Driver is a unique 24x7 service where drivers are available starting as low as Rs 50/hour. If you need to go out 2-3 times a week but don't want to employ a full-time or part-time driver, you can go for our PrePaid Driver service where drivers are available 24x7 at a very affordable rate. It is a unique service where drivers are available 24x7. Here, you can buy one of our PrePaid Driver plans which suits you and fulfills your requirements. At present, we have five PrePaid Driver plans to suit every need and budget.

Prepaid Plans
Plan Hours Price Hourly rate
DN500 500 hours Rs 25000 Rs 50/h
DN300 300 hours Rs 18000 Rs 60/h
DN200 200 hours Rs 14000 Rs 70/h
DN100 100 hours Rs 8000 Rs 80/h
DN50 50 hours Rs 4500 Rs 90/h
DN30 30 hours Rs 3000 Rs 100/h
Terms and Conditions
  1. PrePaid Drivers is a 24x7 service.
  2. When you buy a PrePaid Driver plan, your driver is just a phone call away.
  3. All PrePaid Driver plans are valid as long as there is a balance of at least 3 hours.
  4. PrePaid Driver can be booked once you have purchased a PrePaid Driver plan which has sufficient balance to cover your trip(min 3 hours).
  5. Request for a driver must be put at least 2 hours before the reporting time.
  6. Rescheduling request must be placed at least 90 minutes before the reporting time.
  7. For every request, the Minimum Chargeable Duration is 3 hours for local trips and 8 hours for outstation(excursions) trips.
  8. If the service period exceeeds 3 hours(for local trips)/8 hours(for outstation trips), the actual service period will be deducted from your account.
  9. Night Charge of Rs 200 is applicable if the trip falls between 9:00 pm to 6:00 am
  10. Night Charge, if applicable, must be paid to the driver at the end of the trip.
  11. If Night Charge is applicable but is not paid at the end of the trip, 200 minutes will be deducted from your PrePaid plan to cover for the unpaid Night Charge.
  12. At renewal/repurchase, the balance driver-hours,if any, will be carried forward.
  13. If the interval between two consecutive service requests is less than 4 hours, the intervening duration will also be deducted from your account.
  14. If the account runs out of prepaid hours in the middle of a service period, the escess duration will be charged at Rs 80/hour unless the account is renewed at the end of the trip.
  15. No more than one driver can be called at a time.
  16. If the trip is cancelled less than one hour before reporting time, 100 minutes will be deducted from the account as cancellation charges.
  17. If the trip is cancelled after the driver has reported at the location no more than 10 minutes before the reporting time, 180 minutes will be deducted from the account as cancellation charges.
  18. PrePaid Driver plans are not transferrable to any other person.
  19. Though every effort is made to provide a suitable driver at the requested time, due to the nature of the service and a driver being a limited resource, the availability of a driver is not guaranteed.
  20. If refund is demanded, the refund amount will be calculated by treating all trips as postpaid trips.
  21. These terms and conditions are in addition to the terms and conditions at for using DriverNet service.
  22. If you make a driver request using the DriverNet website or via phone call, it is assumed that you agree to comply with and be bound with Terms of Use of DriverNet service.
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